Dynamix Consultancy is a modern, supportive, forward thinking advisory service.

At Dynamix we work with our clients to support their unique individual needs through different stages in their business life by using highly experienced people within our organisation at the right times. Those stages can be broken down into: the Start-up, the Growing Business, and the Corporate Business.

We have developed our consultancy programmes to assist our clients development and growth with fewer barriers and greater opportunities, by designing different programmes depending on the stage your business is in. If your business is struggling and you are looking to turn it around, we have a programme specifically written for you.

We always ask each of our clients the same 2 questions: what do you look for and what do you really value in a Business Coach or Consultant? The answers are always similar – there is always a need for more dynamic and ‘outside the box thinking’, to help move their business forwards.

As such, we have built a service that looks at supporting growth, business planning, developing efficiencies and increasing profitability.

What really sets us apart is that our Team is fully committed to supporting the Client; to seek and deliver the advice that makes the difference and delivers MORE!