How can we help?

There are two types of qualifications in this world: Practical and Exam driven. At Dynamix we have both. Having run and built up a business from nothing, Naz understands working with small and growing businesses. Having had a career in London, he understands working with big businesses and still retains a number of large clients that he works with in London.

In addition to this, he is a member of the Chartered Management Institute (MCMI) and has attained a Level 7 Diploma in management as well as a number of other qualifications in Management, Finance and Legal areas that qualify him at exam level. These two different types of qualifications allow Naz to bring extensive experience to the advice he provides.

You can come and visit us at our offices or we can come out to you. We often recommend our clients come to us, as it allows them time to step away from their business and look at it at arm’s length and it also means that you don’t get disturbed by people coming and asking questions.

Our programmes have been developed over a number of years ensuring the best results; not putting too much pressure on business owners, but making them accountable for their own goals and aspirations.

We also have a lot of experience writing business plans that people can use to run their business and help push it forward. A written plan is essential to understand where your business is and where you want it to go. If you wanted to take a journey an hour away, you would put the postcode in the Satnav or google maps it, why would you not plan your business journey that could take a lifetime.

We look at the whole business; we help owners look at people, product, planning, processes, price, and profitability to help them achieve what they want.