Business Driver
We have built a firm with your business’s interests at its heart; supporting growth and increasing profitability.

Business Driver

For Business Owners that have a successful Business but want to push it to the next level.

Our “Business Driver” package involves a team of Dynamix Consultants looking at all aspects of your business and providing ongoing reviews, advice and support. We look at ways to improve productivity, team motivation, marketing, sales, back office administration and operational efficiency.

We create ideas and concepts, work them through to implementation models and then provide the clear process and support for full implementation. In addition, we continuously review the process to ensure it is working and if it isn’t we will adapt it to ensure that it does.

We work closely with Directors/Business Owners, Senior Management Teams and individual Team Members.
Two 1 hour meetings with Business Owners monthly
One 1 hour meeting with Senior Management Team monthly
Two 90 minute training sessions with team members monthly
Unlimited telephone support
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