Mystery Shopping
As a dynamic firm we support your growth, business planning, efficiencies and profitability.

Mystery Shopping

Dynamix is a modern Consultancy Practice founded nearly forty years ago by Abdul Khaliq. He is a man that believed in strong family values and providing a strong level of service to customers at a fair price, regardless of size.
As a successful and growing business ourselves, we understand the transition that all businesses go through from the start-up phase, into being a growing business and for many into becoming a high growth enterprise. We have developed our consultancy services to assist our clients develop and grow with fewer barriers and greater opportunities through that often complicated journey. Times have changed and so has the business environment. Today, businesses need to be more dynamic in what they do and how they do it. As such, we have built a firm which has your business’ interests at heart, from helping support growth, business planning, looking at efficiencies and most importantly increasing profitability.
Mystery Shopping Services
We have more than a decade's experience of providing mystery shopping services. We work with a wide range of restaurants, pubs, retail stores, hotels, and other venues.
Our mystery shopping team works throughout the South East and London. They will assess and report on the performance of your staff and give feedback on service, overall impressions of your business and the experience they received. Our mystery shopping surveys are developed in line with your exact needs and requirements and ensure that you get the most out of each visit.
We believe that there are 5 main benefits of running a Mystery Shopping Programme with Dynamix:
  • Help improve customer service and loyalty
  • Identify areas of business weakness through research
  • Understand your business opportunities
  • Build staff competence and improve through training
  • Boost sales performance and increase profitability
These measures help identify areas of improvement in processes, sales opportunities and staff training. Results are recorded on customised assessment forms and the data is presented to you in a consultation session, where we will offer advice and suggestions to help you improve areas of your business to help you achieve your end result. Our shoppers are of varied ages and demographics, so we can fit to your needs. We therefore, ensure your business gets the best and most helpful mystery shopping experience from beginning to end.
Telephone Mystery Shopping
Telephone mystery shopping is an effective way of measuring and developing the quality of service delivered by your team when dealing with customers on the telephone. Often a telephone call could be the first experience someone has of dealing with your business. The analytics provided enable you to identify and implement change based specifically on your customer’s experiences.
In order to help you establish how effective and customer friendly your telephone service is, our trained and experienced mystery shoppers contact your business by telephone with a set of instructions, questions and scenarios. The pre- planned dialogue that has been agreed with you is followed and the response assessed against a set of customer expectations. Results are produced on assessment forms with scores for every individual call.
The analytics are accompanied by our expert consultation and suggestions for improvement as required by your business. The end to end service we provide on our telephone mystery shopping has helped our clients to improve both sales and service.
Online Mystery Shopping
Bespoke online business surveys can cover all aspects of the customer experience. This includes the initial impression of your homepage, ease of browsing and selection right through to placing an order and after sales services.
With more and more customers heading to the web, it has never been more important to get it right for your online customers. After all, the competition is only a click away. If your business offers internet options of any type we can offer online mystery shopping. This includes orders, e-mail helpdesk or social media.
There are numerous advantages to be gained by using our online mystery shopping service. Common areas of improvement include the impact on conversion rates at points where orders are dropped. This makes a significant difference to your total revenue and ratio of repeat orders. The reasons for website views but low conversion rates on sales can be highlighted, by understanding the experience of your customers when they visit your site.
Every aspect of the process is reviewed and assessed by our team of online mystery shoppers. Results are recorded on assessment forms for each interaction.
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