Growing Businesses
Our dedicated teams are there for support, guidance and advice when you need it.

Growing Businesses

You have now been running your business for a little while and have been growing it steadily. You have been through some painful points as you have grown and you would like some help to keep it on track, whilst not having to keep going through pain. As this happens and you start to take on employees and more clients or customers, your needs as a business owner change and the support you need from your professional advisors changes.

The basics stay the same but you need a Business Coach who is good, affordable and that you like and trust, that can help you keep your business on track assisting with how to avoid cash flow issues, help with effective sourcing of resources and assistance with good recruitment concepts and methods to name a few to help with those challenges that weren’t there before like employing staff, reviewing your costs and expenditure, which in turn leads to improved profitability.

At Dynamix, we have a specialist team that deal with Growing Businesses; they are committed to working with business owners looking for ideas and to support and help them continue to grow. Our team work on a fixed fee basis which means that our clients know exactly how much this help and advice will cost.

They will respond quickly to emails and telephone calls and will meet with clients regularly to provide face to face advice building relationships that enables them to provide strong, proactive advice at all times.

At Dynamix we aim to give our clients the best chance of success right from the outset. We fully understand that changes in your personal circumstances, the way you trade or even new regulation may affect the way you do business so our team is there to provide you with all the support you need to make sure you do everything properly and in the least costly way.

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